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Design Services

PHASE I: Plan Development

  1. Assimilation of all client and site data – first initial meeting
  2. Actual on-site measurements, photographs, and development of a base map with all existing structures and plantings.
  3. Analysis of existing on-site and immediate adjacent off-site conditions.
  4. Conceptual plan development and drawings
  5. Presentation meeting

Once the preliminary plan is completed, a meeting will be scheduled with the homeowners for final approval. After approval of the preliminary conceptual plan, drawings of the final scaled working blueprints will be prepared.

Drawings and Blueprints

  1. Base Plan – This will be a scaled blueprint of all existing structures, trees, shrubs, planting areas, etc.
  2. Conceptual Hardscape Plan – This plan will show all existing site features that are to remain along with all proposed site elements such as walkways, decks, patios, fencing, arbors, planting areas, water elements, etc. These are working blueprints provided to Landscape Contractors for bid and installation purposes.
  3. Plant List – An estimate of size and quantity of plants will be provided for bid purposes. This is only an estimate and may change to suit the needs of the landscape plan after hardscape installation is completed.

Please note that the scope of work does not include the following:

  • Engineered drawings for any site structure
  • Building permits.(All building permits are the responsibility of the homeowners)

PHASE II - Project Installation Supervision

HARDSCAPE INSTALLATION – To be completed by a Qualified Licensed Contractor in accordance with Standard Building Codes of California.

  1. An on-site meeting is held with the homeowners and the contractor to go over all details of the Hardscape plan. Many of the final decisions as to product use and installation details are discussed and finalized at this meeting.
  2. During installation phases of the hardscape, site visits will be made to check placement and answer any questions by the homeowners or contractor performing this work.


PHASE III – Planting Plan

  1. Plant List – This will show quantity, size, botanical and common name of trees, shrubs and perennials recommended.
  2. The plant list will be finalized for purchase and delivery after the installation of hardscape is completed.
  3. Plants will be selected, purchased and on-site delivery will be arranged on an agreed upon date with the contractor responsible for planting.
  4. All plants will be placed and positioned by the contractor under our supervision.

PHASE IV – Implementation

This includes all services needed to complete the landscape project. This can include research, selection, purchasing, and delivery of garden ornamentation such as fountains, pots, furniture, etc. This also can include planting of pots or annual bedding areas.

Fees and Payment Schedule

  1. Due to the nature of custom residential work and work styles of each individual homeowner, work is done on a time and material basis. All efforts are made to keep costs at a minimum to the homeowners.
  2. All work is billed at an hourly rate and costs of goods are billed separately to include plants, pots, potting soil, bedding plants, water features, garden art such as fountains, statuary and anything that is supplied at the request of the homeowner and/or contractor.
  3. A retainer is requested to begin the project. This deposit is considered an act of good faith on the part of both parties.
  4. Please call for hourly rates.

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